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If you're serious about protecting your vehicle, as well as covering yourself from potential third party liability risks if involved an accident, then getting the right car insurance cover is important. Our insurers are able to provide high quality cover for the following:

  • Young drivers

  • Drivers with poor claims history

  • High performance cars and sports cars

  • Classic cars

  • Private or commercial cars

  • Cars used for private or business use

What type of insurance should I get?

There are three main types of car insurance policies to choose from.

  • Third Party Insurance - This is the lowest level of cover. This policy only covers you for damage and injuries that you as well as your passengers cause to any another person or their property when in an accident. This policy does not provide cover to for your injuries, or damage to your car.

  • Third Party Fire and Theft - This policy covers you for all the same Third Party cover as above, but additionally, it will also cover you for any damage to your vehicle as well as for theft, or if it is destroyed by fire.

  • Comprehensive Cover - This is the highest level of cover that fully insures your car against all of the above combined.

How do I find a cheap car insurance policy?

On average, we save our customers 26% on their premiums. We have some of the best car insurance companies in South Africa on our panel which means you can be assured that you'll get the best deal when applying through us.

Here are ways for you to reduce your premium:

  • Increase your excess - If you agree to pay a higher amount towards your claim, your insurer will offer you a lower premium.

  • Limited mileage - if you agree to only use your car for a set amount of kilometres each month/year then your insurer will reduce your premium.

  • Install a tracking device.

  • Drive safely and look after your car - if you build up a high 'No-Claim Bonus' your insurer will discount your premium for each year you have not claimed.

  • Add additional cars or household insurance to your policy - your insurer will discount your policy if you add more cars or household assets to your policy.

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