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When using our website, you will be asked for minimal personal information such as first name, surname, email, ID number, cell number, do you own a car, gender. We will also record what types of vehicle insurance products you are interested in; we also track customer traffic habits via link clicks. This information is kept in a secure location and will not be shared with anyone except in the following circumstances:

  • Contact information shared with broker, after your request to set up a connection

  • Allow us to contact you directly regarding any site inquiries

  • Direct contact with you as the site user and consumer to make you aware of any new programs, events, or opportunities

We will provide traffic and site usage patterns to third parties, but no personal information will be given to these parties.

Our website uses tracking codes and referral information to track how you found our website either by search engine or affiliate link; this is standard Internet industry practice.

The information you submit via the application form will be used to offer you vehicle insurance quotes.

Google Analytics

This program designed by Google provides anonymous information on how people use a website with such information as what gets the most clicks, what pages are most popular, and so on.

With cookies, each visitor is given a unique ID number when they first come to a website. This number is good for two years as long as the user does not reset or delete cookies on their hard drive. It expires and disappears after two years.

Every time a consumer visits a website, the cookie grabs data and information about each individual session. If you only visit a website once, the data from your session will expire after one month (30 days). Sessions end when a user closes or quits out of their browser. Another cookie- PHPSESSID- allows the server that hosts our site to record where site visitors are accessing website from. The cookie visitor_hash tracks visits on the site and when a person returns to our site from another site.


If you contact ‘Quote Express’ to speak with a customer service representative, we monitor calls from time to time as a means of training and improving the consumer experience.

If your personal information changes, if you change your mind about any of your marketing preferences, If you would like to object to the processing of your personal information, If you would like to lodge a complaint with the information regulator and would like to know their details or if you have any queries about how we use your information, please let us know by contacting our mailing exclusion team at: All rights reserved.
CABPartners 8 Melville Road Illovo, Johannesburg, 2196


When you sign up as a user to this site, you agree to the user terms and conditions within the privacy policy. If you submit data on behalf of someone else, it is only after you have obtained their personal consent to do so, and they agree to usage as outlined in the privacy policy. All information you provide on the website is truthful, accurate, current and voluntarily submitted. If you do not input and submit the correct information or complete the forms in full, QuoteExpress will not be able to assist you in your vehicle insurance request.

The information you submit via the application form will be sent to a broker, who in turn will get in touch with you and provide further details on vehicle insurance products and other VAP’s. They may put you in touch with the specific insurance houses themselves.

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